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Simple Monitoring. Zero Configuration

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Cloud Usage Reporting

Gain insights on cloud usage and save money tiering your services properly.

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Compute Metrics

Observe metrics and find new trends in your infrastructure.

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Agent Orchestration

Orchestrate the collection scheme of LogSail Reactive Agents using our API.

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We are still in beta, new feature sets are rapidly being developed and we'd love to hear from you! features@logsail.com

Reactive Infrastructure

Reactive Collection Agents

Orchestrate the collection scheme of LogSail Reactive Agents using our API. Agent configuration is stored in the cloud and agents mirror their configured state at runtime. This is the end of configuration files and manual agent restarts after configuration. Just pure reactive infrastructure.

Our patent pending registry design provides safe remote agent configuration. Just install the agent, set the token, and you're off to monitoring any system.

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Plans & Pricing

We're in beta, so everything is Free right now! †


$0 /month
3 Reactive Agents
7 Day Data Retention
Basic Metrics
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Reporter (beta)

$0 /month †
3 Reactive Agents
30 Day Data Retention
Basic Metrics
Cloud Usage Reporting
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† LogSail LLC is providing its' SaaS offer free of charge during the beta program. After beta is complete, plan accounts will be downgraded to Basic or charges will be incurred at the current set plan.


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