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Debug, optimize, and monitor your cloud infrastructure.

Spend less time configuring complex solutions to monitor and log application infrastructure.

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Aggregate, search, and find trends across your cloud environments.

Stop Spending Money on Unused Cloud

Most SAAS companies waste 40% of their cloud resources with improperly sized instances. LogSail Analytics shows unused resources across single and multi-cloud environments.

Log Management

LogSail captures application logs from Docker, systemd, and flat files. All stored within a single secure cloud.

  • Quickly configure log agents via UI without ever touching the terminal or config files.

  • Build queries to search for log events across multiple hosts, containers, apps, and clouds.

  • Pull logs from Docker, systemd, and flat files.

  • Find infrastructure usage trends over a period of days and months.

  • Identify under-utilized servers and downsize to save cloud cost. Use our recommended specs to fit your workload.

  • Reallocate resources to create more balanced workloads.

LogSail Analytics

The LogSail Analytics app identifies usage trends over the previous month highlighting unused resources costing your organization time and money.

Instance Dashboards

Quickly view instance configurations and usage for real time decision making.

  • View compute resources in real time across multi-cloud environments.

  • Easily view resources, network and filesystem stats.

  • Configure logging schemes within the UI without accessing instances via SSH.

API Integration

Integrate with our API to deliver telemetry data directly into your infrastructure. Whether it be CI/CD, dashboards, or mobile apps your data can be pulled on demand.


Why LogSail?

Competitive Pricing

We have some of the most competitive pricing in industry.

Cloud Cost Reduction

Discover usage trends on infrastructure using the Analytics App and identify wasted compute.

Both Metrics and Logs on One Platform

Keep log and metrics data in one place in one console.

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